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Our Journey Together

Yeddung Mura has been delivering ThroughCare services under its Dhurrawang Program for some years.

The word “dhurrawang” means “light” in Ngunnawal Language.

The main purpose of this community outreach program is to bring light to those who sit in darkness. As part of this program, Yeddung Mura outreach workers are responsible for promoting reintegration by reaching out to detainees released from prison to check on their safety and well-being, to encourage them to engage with their support network and participate in community events.

Great success has been reported by involving outreach community worker programs with indigenous communities in New Zealand and Canada, and have produced desired results in other areas such as mental health, youth, domestic violence. Yeddung Mura Case Management Framework is based on the ACT Government’s Strong Families initiative model identified in the ACT whole-of-Government agreement (2015-2018) and focuses on each step of the pyramid.

Our Case Management framework begins with addressing the basic needs of clients, such as Housing application support, clothing and food. Clients are encouraged and motivated with smaller wins with ID cards, licenses, birth certificates, white cards etc. We strongly believe that success for a client depends on this healthy mind and healthy body.

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