Yarning Circle

Yeddung Mura have been organizing regular men’s breakfasts, women’s dinners and other family events for its clients and their families on a regular basis for the last few years. Our meetings have  always been delivered with a clear purpose and focus. All talks have been delivered with clear objectives to improve our clients’ wellbeing. Yeddung Mura will improve its current group programs to meet the requirements of Yarning Circle program. Yarning Circle events have a clear purpose. Topics are focussed on key areas such as healthy body, healthy mind, relationships, community, family and employment.

 Participants needing transport will be picked up and welcomed with a morning tea. There would be various group building activities in the morning to de-stress and relax participants so that they take part in the yarn. Lunch will be provided for all the participants. The facilitator will be delivering yarn topics aimed at addressing the needs and aspirations of clients. This facilitation will be delivered by professionally qualified Aboriginal men and women.
After delivery of the topic, the group will be split to culturally appropriate gender-based smaller groups for workshops and reflection. The group will be given an afternoon tea, and then they will be dropped off.