As part of the Yeddung Mura Chaplaincy Program, Aboriginal clients inside and outside jail build trusting relationships so that a continuity is provided for detainees in transition.

Our chaplains provided the clients with spiritual support, support during grief and crisis, hope in times of hopelessness, prayers for detainees and families, listening, counselling, support to improve emotional and mental health, increased family support, reduction in substance abuse, etc. Chaplaincy services were provided by Aboriginal Elder Uncle Lance Waters, who has a compassionate heart and the skills to help prisoners with their mental well-being and spiritual needs. On a weekly basis, our Chaplain visits the Aboriginal detainees at Canberra Prison (AMC). He usually engages in the following activities 1. A one-on-one visit with a detainee 2. Assist with court processes, mental and spiritual needs, etc., during incarceration. 3. Provide a fortnightly indigenous chapel service 4. Assist detainees and their families after release by providing hope and support.

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