Stable accommodation is a key aspect required for the successful long-term re-integration of prisoners following release from prison. Yeddung Mura provides supported housing for aboriginal ex-detainees in co-operation with the ACT Government and other sector partners.   This will give ex-detainees the best chance of restoring their lives and reconnecting with community.  

Yeddung Mura’s housing program is specifically designed to provide accommodation and support for eligible participants released from the Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC), with the initial focus directed toward male Aboriginal prisoners. The Good Pathways transitional housing model provides a supportive homelike atmosphere, which increases the participant’s ability to adjust to the demands of life outside of prison.  Dedicated support services assist the resident to work-obtain meaningful employment, raise his education level, improve his attitude towards himself and others; and thereby increase his ability to function and participate in his community. Yeddung Mura will provide transitional housing for 6 weeks, with maximum of two 6-week extensions.  

Yeddung Mura’s primary objective is to reintegrate detainees into the community and reduce the risk of recidivism.